The Music Store is the proud host of several exciting events each year! Here you can find information for all of our upcoming events. See a variety of pictures from recent events below.

Choral Reading Session at The Music Store

Thank you to all who attended the 19th Annual Choral Reading Session, we had a great turn out and a lot of fun going over new choral pieces for the next school year! Stay tuned for information about next year's reading session!

Group Youth Ukulele Classes

June 22nd - July 13th, 2017
Thursdays @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Ages 6 years - 16 years


All 4 classes for $20 total!

The classes will be held here at The Music Store! Taught by our very own ukulele/guitar teacher, Cory Fournier.

About the Class:
Absolute beginners to the ukulele are welcome. The class will focus on topics such as how to play chords, how to change between chords quickly and smoothly, strumming and arpeggio patterns for the rhythm hand, how to play in different time signatures, and how to read and interpret various styles of sheet music and music charts. Players who are already playing some chords and even some songs will still benefit from the topics covered. More advanced topics may include how to learn to sing and strum simultaneously, how to play melodies on the Uke, and how to transpose songs into appropriate keys for your personal singing voice. There’s something here for everyone!

About Cory Fournier:
Cory has been playing and teaching Acoustic and Electric Guitar for over 25 years. He has played a wide variety of styles with emphasis on Rock, Pop, and Praise and Worship music. Cory's musicianship is largely the result of practical experience, having left music school to tour with a Top 40 group. He does, however, employ his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology on a daily basis, "using immediate gratification (songs) to motivate students into learning what they need to know (theory)." While Cory is capable of providing in-depth study, his philosophy of music leans toward the "less talk, more play!" approach. Cory currently plays in his own acoustic duo and with his church band. His love of music and positive attitude provide a welcome learning environment for students of all ages.

Ukulele Jam Nights!

Thank you to everyone who attended the May 22nd jam night!

As usual, it was a great turnout and we had a ton of fun jamming to some fun tunes!

View our YouTube video of a sample Jam Night here!
View the news article about our Jam Nights here!

Ukulele Jam Night Schedule for 2017:
Monday, September 11th at 6pm
Monday, October 23rd at 6pm
Monday, December 4th at 6pm

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