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Mariachi Violin Transcriptions

Arranger: Laura Sobrino.

Mariachi music for most of its 200 or so years has primarily been an aural tradition, passing songs down from generation to generation, ear to ear. In the 1980's there was a sudden renaissance of traditional Mexican music, not in its native Mexico, but around the world. As interest grew in learning mariachi repertory from non-mariachi trained musicians, a need arose to provide written notational documentation of the many songs that have come to identify the mariachi tradition. Author Laura Sobrino has been a professional mariachi and is familiar with the stylistic intricacies that truly make this Mexican traditional and popular music unique. For those who wish to grasp an understanding of the mariachi style and who don't have a mariachi musician to teach them, these transcriptions are some of the best available. The pieces in this collection include parts for one or two violins, guitar (notation and chord symbols), and bass (notation only).

Contents include:
El Ilano grande       arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
El jarabe tapatío       arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
El riflero       son jaliscience, arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
El zopilote mojado       Z. Flores, arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
Flor de México       E. Gutiérrez, arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
Florecitas mexicanas       M. Martínez, arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
Jarabe la botella       arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
La culebra       Fuentes-Vargas, trans. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
La marcha zacatecas       G. Godina, arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino
Lindas pachuqueñas       arr. Laura Garciacano Sobrino

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