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Schubert: Piano Sonata B Major Op. Post 147, D 575 - Piano Solo

Composer: Franz Schubert.

The B major Sonata numbers among Schubert's early piano sonatas. Composed in August 1817, it was not published until long after his death. The unusual key (for its time) shows the young Schubert's delight in musical experimentation; in the same year he composed other sonatas in D-flat major, A-flat major and f-sharp minor. Typically Schubertian are the surprising modulations, and the abrupt changes of mood between lyrical passages and dramatic outbursts.

As the autograph score is lost, our edition is based on autograph sketches and on copies from the composer's circle. The preface, by Schubert expert Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl, and the detailed comments section, provide detailed information about the work's genesis, and on the sources and readings. Fingering by pianist Martin Helmchen is a further highlight.

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