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Tracy's Ukulele in G Major - Starting 12/5

Tracy's Ukulele in G Major featuring “Take It Easy“ by The Eagles

Starting December 5th, 2018
Wednesdays @6:15pm-7:00pm for 3 weeks

All 3 classes for $35 total!

The classes will be held here at The Music Store! Taught by our very own ukulele teacher, Tracy Kimbrell.

About the Class:
This class is featuring the song “Take It Easy“ by The Egales . This class is for anyone who whats to learn how to play the featured song and learn about the Key that it is played in. In this four week Class you will learn;

  • Names of the strings on the Ukulele by number and letter
  • Left and Right hand warm-ups
  • Chords in the Key of G Major (featured song is written in this key)
  • Struming quarter notes and eighth notes
  • Rhythm Technique to strumming featured song
  • Playing “Take It Easy“

Please pay for the classes and register using the PayPal link below!

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